How to perform a full backup of pfsense?

  • The configuration backup and restore works only for those using the basic firewall setup but they will not restore advanced stuff like:

    • haproxy configuration - I lost 30+ host defined there...
    • certificates
    • packages installed using pkg (freebsd ones)

    How can I perform a backup so in case of meltdown I can restore it?

    I am asking this because after upgrading from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4 the router no longer wanted to boot and I had to reinstall it from scratch, discovering how limited was the config.xml approach. 3 days later and I am still a long way from back into business.

  • @ssbarnea
    Not sure how you came to that conclusion. But haproxy configuration and certificates surely are part of a normal pfSense configuration backup / restore. Itl even reinstall the package automatically during restore (assuming it has a working internet connection at that time). Anyhow just check your backup file for the <haproxy> configuration tags, they should be there..

  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator

    I will second what PiBa says.

    If you do a full backup, everything is backed up, Packages, Certificates, your Snort Rules, Squid settings, everything.

  • Netgate Administrator

    The only thing not backed up there would be packages pulled in directly from FreeBSD by specifying a different repo.
    Those are not directly supported though
    What did you actually have installed from FreeBSD?


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