UI Bugs?

  • Hi Team,
    Latest version of pfSense, no packages installed besides vpn export and acme.]

    On the IPSec page, I have 2 tunnels, one with 3 P2s and on with 2 P2s.

    On the Status -> IPSec page, it only shows 2 and 2

    Second UI bug - the + show child SA entries, after being clicked, do not change into - hide child SA entries
    Using FF 52 ESR on Window 10.

  • Netgate Administrator

    What do the Phase 2 configurations look like for that? Do you have odd descriptions on there etc?

    What browser and OS are you using? Have you tested on other browsers?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The P2s will only show in the status if they are active. If there is no traffic that has attempted to establish the P2, then the P2 won't exist and won't show there in the list.

    Only P1s will show up at all times, even if they are down/inactive.

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