Wan DHCP Won't Update to new Dynamic IP Version 2.4.4

  • Just did my first install a few weeks back using 2.4.4 RC then upgraded to 2.4.4. I'm still learning so I may be doing something wrong. System is running on VM with quad NIC.

    Last week my public wan IP changed from xx.xxx.xxx.16 to xx.xxx.xxx.139. and pfsense will not update the address or either I'm doing something wrong, or either nothing is wrong and I'm just an idiot...I'm hoping its not the latter. The reason this seems to be a problem is I use openDNS for filtering an AP for my business and opendns is showing the new .139 address and so is http://checkip.dyndns.org. The problem is when I update opendns to the new .139 address the pfsense dynamic IP service changes it back to the .16 address that the wan DHCP is handing out. I've tried restarting the vm, restarting the host, releasing the ip under services/interfaces and also did that checking the relinquish the lease option. I turned off the interface and turned it back on and no matter what I do the .16 address remains in pfsense. Can anyone give any insight on how to get it updated?

  • I wonder if your problem and mine are somehow related.
    It seems like there may be a problem somewhere with the "checkIP" code... maybe due to changes in PHP from 5.x to 7.2?

  • @zprime It seems very similar for sure and seeing you posted this 5 days ago and no replies doesn't make me feel very good. I wish I knew what was going on. I can hold my own but this problem is way out of my league, hints me asking for help.

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