Captive Portal Self-Registration

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    Great looking login page would anyone be able to help with setting up a way too do Self registration as I am looking for away to have that done so far all I’ve seen are post from as far back as 12yrs


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    There is nothing in pfSense that will do that.

    You would probably want to develop something and use it as a pre-auth URL that did that for you and created the necessary database record for the registration credentials.

  • @kramtw said in Captive Portal Self-Registration:

    as far back as 12yrs

    Nothing really changed for the last 12 years. This is still is a "do it yourself" job.
    If you really want this login page that permits self-registration, you can. Things became even somewhat easier : the pre-auth exists now (see captive portal settings)

    Up to you to make that pre-login page - and host is somewhere.
    Have it collect data, and store this data in the "database" being used to auth against the Captive portal.
    This can be the pfSense local user manager - a LDAP, or a FreeRdius with database sub system.

    There is more work to do as just "sett the settings". Some PHP (or whatever language you like actually) is needed to handle the "collect and update database" feature.

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