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    I have read the following thread:

    and the page:

    And understand that we can commercially use pfSense. Our use case is we want a router/firewall that will sit between a customers virtual servers and the internet in a hosted environment. We do not charge for the firewall software, the resources used by the firewall or support of the firewall. Only their servers. Everything to do with the firewall is free to the customer.

    What I want to clarify is the following:

    • In order to use pfSense in this case we need to ensure that the branding is changed from "is pfSense" to something like "powered by pfSense" or because its a stock pfSense with a few settings made on behalf of the customer that it can stay as pfSense?
    • Is this purely a case of create a theme that removes the pfSense branding or does this have to be compiled from source?
    • If we add a theme that changes the logo, does this then change the state of play from, not having to hide its pfSense to having to "hide it".

    Thanks and hopefully the right categorization.

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    In my understanding it is neither. You aren't selling pfSense here but installing it in a VM (if I understand you right). That has nothing to do with the Thread you are linking, as there the question was clearly re-selling pfSense on his/her own hardware and offer appliances. You would just install it for your customer to use it in a virtual environment. That is no use case for "selling" or "reselling" pfSense on any kind of hardware or other platform. So in my understanding that's just simple "usage" (if you provide the setup/configuration) or "installation service" (if the customer configures it afterwards). Nothing to do with the copyright or trademark.

    But I maybe wrong so I'm open to standing corrected ;)

  • Thanks JeGr