Setting up VPN on RV50

  • Hi, can someone help me in configuring Pfsense on a sierra wireless RV50? I am new to this field and my target is to setup a vpn on rv50 which is installed in a remote location and I want to access it from my computer. I have couple of modbuses installed on remote location that can only be access via local LAN, and only way to access them remotely is by setting up a VPN.
    Will appreciate, if someone can share a complete tutorial on this, I am searching for this solition for past couple of weeks and was unable find any tutorial.


  • Netgate Administrator

    I assume you want to setup a VPN from pfSense to the RV50?

    Have you tried this and it didn't work? How did it fail?

    There is almost certainly no way to run pfSense on the RV50.


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