Struggling with XG-7100 and vlans to server wireless APs

  • Hi guys,

    I'm feeling a bit stupid here, with the SG-2440 it was damn easy to setup vlans but with the XG-7100 this has become frustrating. I managet to get 3x interfaces working fine with 3x VDSL modems, each with their own PPPOE details.

    When it comes to the vlan for the lan side I'm struggling as I can't get the vlan I want to hit pfsense for some reason. I think there is something I'm missing here. Steps I've done:

    • Interfaces, vlan, created vlan 8 and assigned to lagg0

    • internfaces, assignments, created new interface with vlan8 on lagg0

    • interfaces, switches, vlan, created vlan group with vlan tag 8, ports 8T, 9T, 10T (T for tagged)

    • connected eth8 to my switch, which then passes all vlans to all ports at the moment. but my APs can't communicate on vlan8. If I plug a SG-2420 in place and configure vlans as usual, vlan 8 works just fine on teh APs, so it is not AP or my switches, it is something I'm doing wrong with pfsense on teh XG7100 that I can't figure out.

    My understanding is that I need to configure the vlan to pass through the pfsense switch and have tagged ports, so it forward the packet as it is without stripping the tag to pfsense firewall. Clearly there is something wrong and this is not happening. Any ideas? I've bought a few XG-7100 that is making me feel like sending it back.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    That looks fine. The APs are expecting VLAN 8 tagged?

    Did you add firewall rules to the lagg0.8 interface on pfSense?

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