High rate of errors - is this normal?

  • nOn my Netgate pfSense router, I'm seeing what looks like a pretty high amount of errors on both the LAN and the WAN interface. This router is connected to an internal 1G switch (LAN) and to a 1G port on an Xfinity router (WAN). Throughput and traffic is fine, it peaks at around 700Mbps in / 40Mbps out on the WAN port.

    This box has currently been up for

    25 Days 04 Hours 05 Minutes 45 Seconds

    And I'm seeing the following number of errors (and they continuously keep going up):

    0_1539124006958_pfSense Errors.png

    It's almost as if every packet is an error ?? :-)

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    No that is not at all normal. What is this hardware?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That many errors would typically imply either a negotiation problem (one side hard coded speed/duplex, the other on autonegotiate stuck at half duplex) or a physical problem such as a bad cable.

  • I don't think it could be a duplex mismatch because it's running at 1Gb and 1Gb is always full-duplex, at least for Ethernet. And since they're seeing 700Mb/s, it has a to be a true 1Gb link.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Stranger things have happened, only way to know is to check the ifconfig output and see what it reports.

  • Hardware is

    System Netgate SG-2440

    I've checked cables etc., I see no packet loss even under heavy load, and throughput through the router (from LAN -> router -> WAN) is normal (~700Mbps, which is likely a limitation on the Xfinity side and not the router).

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