pfsense and cisco anyconnect

  • I use Cisco Anyconnect VPN on a work laptop behind a pfsense firewall at home and a few days it just stopped working out of the blue after having been working seemless for months. As far as I can tell it has to to be the pfsense firewall. When I am on the VPN I connect to specific internal sites and now they don't load. If I connect the laptop to a hotspot on my phone and then connect to the VPN all works fine. If I replace the pfsense firewall back with my verizon fios router instead and try to connect it works fine as well. But remove the verizon router and use the pfsense one instead as I have been for months and all of sudden those few sites just wont load. Any info on even where to begin troubleshooting this or what it might be. any opinions are helpful

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    Unless you changed something on the firewall, it's highly unlikely to be a problem on the firewall. Did you make any changes there around the time it broke? Check the configuration history.

    Something had to change to trigger the new behavior, either on your computer, at the ISP, on the remote VPN endpoint, etc.

    Are you seeing any errors in the logs, or on the interface under Status > Interfaces?

  • So does Anyconnect indicate that its down? If it does not than you that implies there something else going on. I would suggest you go to a DOS prompt and have a constant ping going to some internal address at your business (ping -t) and leave it pinging. When the problem comes back - see if your pings are still sucessful. If the internal host is no longer pingable than that confirms you have some type of loss of connectivity. You can also bring up your Anyconnect window - click on the "gear head" symbol - and go to statistics. You should see send and receive frames incrementing. I run Anyconnects for days thru my firewall and never have issues....

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