Mobile client traffic not routing through vpn for some networks

  • While remote, my laptop can connect to my vpn and everything works (can access resources on my home network) when connected to some wifi networks, but not all. It won't pass traffic through the vpn tunnel when connect to a wifi network with the same gateway ip of my pfsense I also don't want all traffic to go over the vpn, just traffic for my home network

    Both networks are My vpn is

    I think this is the source of my problems. The difference I see in netstat -r on my laptop is that on a working network (different IP range than I see:
    192.168.1 UGSc 2 0 ipsec0
    and on a network using I see:
    192.168.1 UGScI 1 0 ipsec0

    When I do a ping to 192.168.1 I get a response from the local gateway and not my pfsense box through the VPN tunnel and If I run "ping -S" I get a response from my pfsense box through the VPN as intended.

    Do I need to change my pfsenses network address range? Is it possible to keep my current address ranges and configure my vpn or routing rules to tell mobile clients to route anything going to through the vpn and not the local gateway? I'm not sure what topic to research next.

    Thanks for all the help!

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