Package management over Dual WAN

  • I'm replacing our existing firewall running on old Core2Duo hardware with a more modern device. I've installed 2.4.4 and imported the config and am ready to install packages. Since I can't make it live with the existing config (it would obviously conflict with the existing device) I've set up dual-WAN so that the WAN2 port is DHCP behind the existing firewall.

    I've set up dual-wan failover between WAN (unplugged) and WAN2 (private IP behind existing firewall). Devices connected behind the firewall reach the internet fine. However, when I try to ping out from the console or manage packages when only WAN2 is connected, the system itself doesn't see internet. Must I do something extra in the routing so that the system knows to use both WAN and WAN2?

  • Netgate Administrator

    You would have to switch the default gateway to WAN2 so that the default system route goes that way.

    Or in 2.4.4 you can set the failover gateway group as the default gateway which should do the same thing automatically. But if you're just doing this temporarily to install packages I'd just set it to WAN2 to get that done.


  • I had already done that. I found the issue, though. I had imported the configuration which programmed my WAN and LAN. When I configured WAN2 for dynamic, I then plugged it behind the same router that I had exported the config from. I didn't look very closely at it, but that left my LAN and WAN2 port on the same subnet. D'OH! Traffic still routed, I'm assuming because routes were defined according to interfaces. The underlying OS, though, seems to just see IPs on ports. Can't have LAN and WAN2 having the same subnet so traffic went nowhere.

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