XG-7100 CPU usage

  • I just started setting up a XG-7100 and noticed that CPU usage is steady at 16-18% with no traffic going through. It has only been setup with a WAN and LAN interface and no packages has been installed yet.
    Is a CPU usage this high normal at idle for the XG-7100?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    From ssh or the console, open up a shell prompt and run top -aSH and see what's taking up the CPU time.

    I'd expect a couple percent of a core being used by the switch but it isn't typically that high, I don't think.

  • PHP is eating some % of CPU when the Web GUI is opened.


  • Thank you jimp and Rico!

    top -aSH shows me that the CPU sits idle at about 98,4% without the Web Gui open. Once the Web Gui is opened, that number fluctuates between 68% and 95% and the number for system maxes out at about 30%

    I was wondering if the rather high CPU usage would somehow be connected to my issues getting the 4-port NIC add-on card to work. I will start another thread about that shortly.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Make sure you have updated Coreboot to ADI_PLCC- using the Netgate Coreboot Upgrade package. That is required for the expansion card to function correctly.


  • Thank you Steve. Updating Coreboot fixed my issues with the card.