tinc 1.0.31 status page broken.

  • I updated to pfSense v.2.4.4 recently. This brought in a new tinc pfSense version 1.0.31, which is actually tinc version 1.0.34. Anyway, the Status -> Tinc VPN doesn't work anymore.
    In /usr/local/www/status_tinc.php the lines
    exec("/usr/local/sbin/tincd --config=/usr/local/etc/tinc -kUSR1");
    exec("/usr/local/sbin/tincd --config=/usr/local/etc/tinc -kUSR2");
    don't work and report "No other tincd is running." This does work on the previous version, 1.0.30.
    I edited the php file to say:-
    exec("/usr/bin/killall -USR1 tincd");
    exec("/usr/bin/killall -USR2 tincd");
    That fixes it.
    Also, the problem of the tiny log file still exists.

    Should I report this in the Redmine?

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