When new network card added, interface names shifted

  • Hello,

    I have pfSense system on Supermicro miniATX board. Everything goes fine. But after adding another network card to PCIe slot, installation was completely broken due to interface names shift.

    WAN - igb0
    LAN - igb1
    OPT1 - igb2
    OPT2 - igb3

    (new dual interface card)
    OPT3 - igb0
    OPT4 - igb1
    (old mainboard)
    WAN - igb2
    LAN - igb3
    OPT1 - igb4
    OPT2 - igb5

    If new network card use the same driver (igb) as old one, interface names change. If new network card use different driver (eg. Realtek - rl), nothing happens and system is running fine. Is it bug or feature? ☺

  • Netgate Administrator

    The interfaces are named in the order they are discovered when scanning the PCI device tree at boot.
    If you add more interfaces that use the same driver those may be discovered first offsetting the existing interfaces as you discovered. It's the expected behaviour, there's nothing we can do to change that.


  • OK, thanks for reply.

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