PFSENSE randomely blocking ports....

  • Hi, Using ver 2.3.5.

    I have Nat rules in place to allow SMTP on port 587 (SUBMISSION) from a Printer/Scanner to a mail server over an OPENVPN setup between two sites.

    PFsense randomly stops allowing the connections from this printer to the mail sever! If I reboot the PF box, it fixes itself for a time, then it starts to happen again.

    I turned on logging for the NAT rule, but I do not see any logs of whats happening, even what it passes?

    I have 2 other machines set up the exact same way with different rules and they work fine.

    How do I diagnose this please?



  • why would you need nat rules?

  • Hi Heper,

    I am using the rules to only allow SMTP port 587 from specific IPs through because if not i have a bunch of spammers trying to hit my SMTP server.


  • That's what firewall rules are for... Not nat rules

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Yeah why would you need nat rules for something coming in via nat rules? And why would it be open from the internet if its your devices from a vpn location sending?