PFSENSE randomely blocking ports....

  • Hi, Using ver 2.3.5.

    I have Nat rules in place to allow SMTP on port 587 (SUBMISSION) from a Printer/Scanner to a mail server over an OPENVPN setup between two sites.

    PFsense randomly stops allowing the connections from this printer to the mail sever! If I reboot the PF box, it fixes itself for a time, then it starts to happen again.

    I turned on logging for the NAT rule, but I do not see any logs of whats happening, even what it passes?

    I have 2 other machines set up the exact same way with different rules and they work fine.

    How do I diagnose this please?



  • why would you need nat rules?

  • Hi Heper,

    I am using the rules to only allow SMTP port 587 from specific IPs through because if not i have a bunch of spammers trying to hit my SMTP server.


  • That's what firewall rules are for... Not nat rules

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    Yeah why would you need nat rules for something coming in via nat rules? And why would it be open from the internet if its your devices from a vpn location sending?