dhcpleases error in system log

  • Hello,
    I see this errors in my system logs. Why did this happen?
    Oct 12 11:55:24 dhcpleases Could not deliver signal HUP to process because its pidfile (/var/run/unbound.pid) does not exist, No such process.

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  • Do anyone knows why this error happens?

  • dhcpleases is a process that "copies" local DHCP leases to a file that unbound (the DNS resolver) uses to resolve local devices.
    dhcpleases forces unbound to reload by HUPping it.

    What happens is : "dhcpleases" decides to tell "unbound" to reload, and uses unboud's PID file. The PID file doesn't exists ... which means unbound isn't running (is already restarting) ? dhcpleases complains about this.
    This can happen : unbound is a rather stupid program (btw : this is my opinion) and has to be restarted to have the changed config read in again. But shouldn't happen that often.
    The message isn't a show-stopper.

    Check how often your unbound restarts in the log file.

    Btw :


    Uncheck DHCP Regsitration (and make all your DHCP leases "static" with their mAC value)
    Check "Static DHCP".

    This will calm down unbound restarting.

  • Thank you for your reply. If I uncheck DHCP Registration, then will I be able to enter the servers and etc with their hostname, not with their ip address?

    My screenshot:


  • @emammadov said in dhcpleases error in system log:

    DHCP Registration

    When "DHCP Registration" is checked, on every incoming (new) lease, the dhcpleases process will restart unbound.
    This is a very know subject on this forum btw.

    You have many devices ? unbound will get hail-stormed.

    So, as said above, create "DHCP Static Mappings" (DHCP Server page) for all you devices (or : the ones that need to be resolved) and you'll be fine, or at least : better.

  • Thank you very much for your comprehensive answer. It is highly appreciated.

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