Which version to install on sd card

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    I am new to pfsense, and I am struggling already with selecting the right install image.

    • The hardware: PC Engines apu2b2 with an sd card as only storage medium
    • The plan: Write the image to sdcard on my laptop, insert into apu2b2, have it serve an IP via DHCP automagically and present me the web interface right away

    The apu2b2 is 64bit so I need an AMD image, but for the latest 2.4 release, there is no nanobsd install image anymore and 2.3 is nearing EOL as I've read. Which installation file do I need for above plan to work? I'd like to make sure that the sd card stays read-only during operation in order not to wear it out.

    If I absolutely need RS232, I might have an old laptop around, and I have a usb-to-serial cable that connects to the Raspberry Pi pins on the serial end, which maybe works on the apu board.


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  • Ah thanks, didn't see that. So I'll install 2.4 and enable tmpmfs and varmfs. Thanks!

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