Switching Computers

  • I will be replacing my current pfSense computer with a newer, faster computer. I have a PCIe 4 port NIC in my old computer that I will be transferring to the new computer. If I create a backup of my current configuration and use it on my new computer, besides configuring the ports, is there anything else that I may be missing that I need to do? Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thank you.

  • @newuser2pfsense As long as pfSense installs properly on the new machine, should be a matter of:

    1. Fresh install
    2. Restore backup
    3. Reset interface usage (if necessary)
    4. Reinstall missed packages (if necessary)
    5. Use the new installation

    Done many times

  • Hi,

    One of the things that could be different, is the NIC hosted on the motherboard.
    Thus the device will have another name, not corresponding with the one you have right now.

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