Differences between PPTP and Mobile clients

  • Could someone, please, explaind me the main differences between PPTP clients and Mobile clients??

    Thank you in advance

  • I basically does the same when used with a single client as remote endpoint, just the technique used is different. PPTP is a protocol that clients OSs from Microsoft support since Windows 2k, so support for this kind of VPN is built in in Windows. IPSEC is a higher encrypted more secure VPN Implementation but needs a clientsoftware to be set up (unless you want to fight with a difficult manual IPSEC config procedure at your Windows PC, of course it's different for other OSs). Even with a clientfrontend it's more difficult to set up than PPTP usually. Additinal to this an IPSEC  mobile client can also be a remote router on a dynamic WAN to make a LAN-LAN connection instead of a client-LAN connection (see http://pfsense.com/mirror.php?section=tutorials/mobile_ipsec/ ).

    Last but not least both VPN-Implementations use special protocols that might have issues with some routers/firewalls/NAT/firewallpolicies the remote client might be behind.

    PPTP - Easier to setup, no need for additional clientsoftware (if using Windows higher 2k), less secure than IPSEC, works only for Client to LAN connections
    IPSEC - needs additional software, more complicated to setup, industry standard security with higher encryption/authentication mechanisms, works for Client to LAN and LAN to LAN connections

  • Thank you very much, you have explained it perfectly (very important difference LAN-LAN –-- client-LAN)

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