Trying to mount root error

  • trying to install PFSense on a harddrive (Old Dell with 512 Mb ram and one Maxtor Hard drive, 2 Network cards) and I keep getting on reboot the message "trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/ad1s1a" and then after a while it fails.

    If I use the CD image, everything works properly and when I choose option 99 and take all the defaults settings it all seems to work perfectly until I reboot and get this message.

    Any suggestions on how to correct this issue?


  • This would seem to indicate the installation is written to /dev/ad1 but when you try to boot that installation /dev/ad1 is not present or can't be found.

    After you complete the installation and and before reboot do you rearrange the drives (for example remove or unplug the CD)?

    Does your startup report any ad devices?

    If you search the forums for the string "Trying to mount root" I expect you will find a number of discussions about this issue.

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    You might try some of the suggestions from the Doc Wiki:

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