Tier 1 gateway not switching back after failover

  • Re: Multi-WAN gateway failover not switching back to tier 1 gw after back online

    The last post on the thread above is 2 months old and the thread itself is over 3 years old. The problem still persists. To summarise:

    • WAN-1 is Tier 1
    • WAN-2 is Tier 2 (expensive metered cell hotspot, so should only be used for WAN-2 failure conditions)
    • One Gateway group with "packet loss or high latency" as trigger (http://take.ms/wQPAR)
    • Default gateway is marked as this gateway group (http://take.ms/fG9m7)
    • State killing on gateway failure is "checked"
    • Running pfSense 2.4.4

    When WAN-1 goes down, the failover happens seamlessly but even when WAN-1 is back online and this online state is known to pfSense (confirmed via pfSense dashboard), traffic keeps routing through WAN-2 until I go hit "save" somewhere (without changing anything) and then everything switches back to WAN-1.

    Since WAN-2 is a metered cell connection, I'd like for it not to be used once WAN-1 comes back online. Any way to achieve this programatically because it does not look like the auto switch back to WAN-1 is a feature that pfSense supports.

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