Best fanless MiniPC: Atom E3845 with Intel NICs or Celeron N3150 with Realtek NICs?

  • Hi all,
    I'm looking to buy a mini pc from Aliexpress (or similar) to run a pfsense gateway setup (I don't have too much bandwidth to manage, acqually my DSL connection is 20/1, may increase at max to a fiber connection 100/20 in the near more here)
    I have seen different proposal, what kind of setup do you think will best fit?

    • Atom CPU is quite old (2013) and 22nm, but this setup is proposed with Intel NICs (4 * I211AT GbE) at an affordable price (130€, 32GB ssd disk, ram to be added)


    • Celeron N3150/3160 is newer (2016) and 14nm, it's proposted with Realtek NICs (2 * 8168E) at a good price (140€ with 4GB ram and 64GB ssd disk) and has probably a better TDP (6W)


    would you go for the second even if it has Realtek NICs? or do you have other suggestions?
    I know Intel ones behave better (even if the one proposed are older)

    I know there are also Qotom boxes with i3 and Intel NICs but price raises up to 200€...too expensive..
    Thanks for help :)

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