pFsense 2.3.2 Ignoring gateway settings on multi wan

  • Hello,

    I have 2 wan connection and I am currently using pFsense 2.3.2. I can connect internet via wan1 without any problem but i want to specify for some users wan2.

    I add a rule on Firewall > Lan like below;
    alt text

    And also Outbound rule like;

    alt text

    But my client can't reach internet via wan2 it still use wan1. Also after while my whole network internet connection is being down and I am disabling Wan2 rule on outbound which i've add and internet comes back.

    My Gateway like below;
    alt text

    Can you help me about this?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    1. Upgrade. That version is very, very old and has a number of known issues.

    2. What little you have shown looks OK but there isn't enough info to tell for sure.

    A few things you might look at:

    • Make sure the client isn't hitting a proxy, such as the squid package. Otherwise it will appear to access the web however the proxy does, not how your rules state.
    • Make sure the client actually has the address you put in the rule, since the rule shows 0/0 it means it's never been hit. So either that is freshly after a ruleset reload, the client may not be using that IP address, or it isn't hitting pfSense as its gateway
    • Show the gateway status of WAN2_DHCP. If that's down, it would act as if the rule isn't there.

  • Hi @jimp ,

    Yes you are right we are also using Squid for logging. Does it matter or should i do configuration on Squid side?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you use squid then the client traffic can't be directed out a second WAN with policy routing rules. There may be a way to fix it in the squid configuration, but that's a topic for a new post in the Cache/Proxy category.

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