OpenVPN with yealink ip-phone

  • Hi everyone.
    I have set up an openvpn server (remote access SSL / TLS) to connect a yealink model ip phone that connects from a remote network ( to the network where there is the freepbx switchboard (

    Everything works perfectly in this situation.

    But I must connect the ip yealink phone into a remote network with the same class of the network where the switchboard is present.
    So remote ip phone in as the switchboard network behind the pfsense.
    I configured a 1-1 nat input on the interface openvpn-yealink with external ip subnet to internal ip and then I inserted the static ip into the ip phone because this ip not is present in the remote network.
    The phone registers correctly in the switchboard, can make calls but I can not make the voice work both in and out.
    What do you think I should do to be able to correctly connect the remote yealink ip phone?


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