Wildcard Domain Block?

  • Basically trying to block youtube adverts which requires wildcard domain blocks.
    For example: need to block any domains with "d.googlevideo.com" ending, e.g. "r1---sn-4g57kndd.googlevideo.com"

    Did I miss obvious solution/tool for this task?

    P.S.: current Proxy configuration does not inspect HTTPS, so blocks are kinda useless there; also tried pfBlocker, appears to be blocking only TLDs, and not pattern; tried to implement redirect filter on Unbound itself - no positive results as well.

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    This is going to be hit and miss and cause videos not to load since google mixes the Ads/Videos on the same domain.

    So far there is no regex blocking (yet) in pfBlockerNG... This will be available when I add the python module to the DNS Resolver (Unbound), but I am waiting for the devs to add some more functionality to the Resolver before I can get this implemented.

    I'm sure regex options are available in the Proxy.

  • @BBcan177
    Proxy has regex indeed, however without SSL inspection it simply ignores anything that goes over https including those adverts.

    That will be useful feature for the pfBlockerNG once implemented. Thanks for the great package btw!

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