Problem occure while restore xml file, in virtualbox pfsense.

  • Hello Experts :

    Actually i am new in pfsense.i want to understand more about pf sense.and i do not want to do anything in my live working pfsense i just want get understanding about pf sense configuration, so i have backup xml file of live pfsense which is working with vpn,rules,frontend,backend & more.

    Now :- now i have installd pfsense in my virtualbox,when trying to restore my live pfsense xml to my pfsense vm there is error occuring.

    in Virtualbox in network tab i have setup internel network. because i do not want any issue in live network.

    i just want an idea without any problem can i restore xml.with working condition.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You would have to edit the xml file to reflect the interfaces of whatever system you moved it too..

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