Using a limiter on an application

  • I have recently started using to limit some of my users to a fixed amount of bandwidth. So far that has been working quite nicely, so I have shied away from trying to play with doing a full implementation of traffic shaping and creating queues.

    Because of a problem with cellular connectivity at our house, all of my calls to my cell phone routes through hangout dialer. My phone connects to my VOIP VLan and I was wondering if my using limiters, I could control and possibly prioritize hangout. Or do I just create a limiter for the IP address for the phone and set a lot of bandwidth to the device?

  • Limiters only limit. That's it. If you want prioritization, that's traffic-shaping aka Quality of Service (QoS). And even then, pfSense isn't application-aware. You would have to create your shaping rules based on source, destination, or port(s).

  • Thanks for the rapid response! I have dreaded having to mess around with traffic shaping because it is a pain to setup because of the many VLANs that I have running. At some point I guess I need to bite the bullet!

  • IIRC, shaping over multiple LAN interfaces is either not fun to configure or doesn't work at all. I don't remember which.

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