How to add an arp table containing a hundred entries without restarting the pfsense router?

  • Hello everyone,

    We have a problem. We have to look on the forum the mutliples methods to add entries in the table arp (modify the file config.xml backup + restore, somebody even develop an automated program that uses the browser to add the entries one at a time) . In short, there is no easier way to add, for example, a list as a .csv file or just manually change the dhcp configuration on the command line to add hundreds of entries in one go?

    Why I ask this is because my company has a small data center and pfsense is the main router, we filter our clients, among other things, using the arp table to prevent the use of IP address no authorized. The inability to turn off the router and the increase in the number of clients will soon render this method ineffective.

    I know that the cisco router offers this function of adding a lot of inputs, I also thought to make a firewall on linux just in front of the pfsense that would do just that.

    Thank you for your answers

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    What eactly are you wanting to do? Add 100 static dhcp reservations? Why would that require a reboot of pfsense?

    You can add a static arp with copy paste right at the cmd line...

    Why can you not just
    arp -f filename to load in as many static arps you want?

    If you want to add staticmappings just edit them into your xml backup of your dhcp server. There are many places and ways to convert a csv file to xml format.. Here is a thread from 3 years ago that is exactly what your asking

    None of which requires a reboot of anything..

  • Hello,

    I want to add a hundred or more static mapping to my dhcp server. But as explained, I know how to add / edit in the .xml file, but the changes I make require a restart of the router to take effect.

    My question is if there is a way to make additions / changes without restart?



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    Restart the dhcpd

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