Freshy fresh 2.4.4-release / 2.4.5-development installs not working (DNS?)

  • Hey all. I am a first time pfSense user and am having one heck of a time getting it to function correctly. I consider myself very knowledgeable when it comes to IT junk, so this shouldn't be so painful... I have attempted to get it to work in two separate environments, both using Hyper-V, using the latest 2.4.4 release and the 2.4.5 dev build too. All unsuccessful.

    This should be as straight forward as it comes IMO.

    Comcast residential cable internet.
    Arris SBsomethingsomething modem (owned)
    Hyper-V VM:

    • Gen 1
    • 2GB RAM
    • 1 CPU
    • 20GB HD
      -NIC1 (physically connected to Arris modem)
      -NIC2 (physically connected to LAN switch)

    pfSense install details:
    Accept, Install, default keyboard layout, Autofs, etc.
    disconnect DVD

    No VLANs
    hn0 assigned to WAN NIC (verified using MAC address of virtual nic)
    hn1 assigned to LAN (verified using MAC address of virtual nic)

    • I can see the WAN interface get assigned a proper IP from Comcast in the console output

    Once it finishes and leaves me at the pfSense console menu, I select 2) in order to assign a LAN IP /24
    No gateway
    No IPv6 address (enter)
    DHCP: Y - (actually doesn't properly set this)
    Use https
    Enter (goes back to console menu)

    Web Console Setup:
    Login to
    Follow pfSense Setup wizard...
    Name: pfSense
    Domain: yo.lo
    No DNS servers
    Override DNS: True
    Time server:
    Timezone: America\Chicago
    Unchecked both RFC1918 Networks and Bogons blocking, just to open things up a bit for testing.
    IP: /24
    Set admin password
    Profit? nope.

    I can ping pfSense LAN IP, WAN IP, and WAN Gateway IP from the internal (LAN) workstation. So it's getting IP traffic through. If I try an nslookup, it connects to pfSense ( as the DNS server, which is correct as it is a DNS Resolver for DHCP clients, but it can not resolve anything, forward or reverse.

    So now use the exact same install/setup selections in a new Hyper-V virtual environment, yet instead of WAN being connected to the Comcast modem it is on another virtual switch (external/bridged) that connects to a production network.

    Win10 Wkst1 ( on LAN1 <-----> (hn1)-pfsense router-(hn0) <-----> Prod network

    Still can't resolve any DNS, so I verified that the WAN interface has correct Primary and Secondary DNS servers (Status --> Interfaces).

    This got long, sorry!!


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Any IPv6? There are some known issues with Hyper-V and IPv6 on 2.4.4. Otherwise I'm not aware of anything that would specifically break in that scenario.

    I've done other clean installs of 2.4.4 and 2.4.5 in the last few days and everything was OK here, but on bare metal and VMware, I don't have anything setup with Hyper-V currently.

  • At home where I would like to use pfSense, I do want to use IPv6 as I have been using it on my previous router. here in the other environment, no, there is no IPv6.

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