2.4.4 Gateway Group slow (or never) to switch back to Tier 1

  • I have a gateway group with 2 gateways, one at Tier 1 and the other at Tier 2. I've been having lots of trouble with my Tier 1 link lately and pfSense will switch over to the Tier 2 link, but when the Tier 1 gateway comes back within limits (latency, packet loss) the routing does not switch back to the Tier 1 gateway. The Gateways widget on the home page shows the Tier 1 as "online" as does Status -> Gateways and Status -> Gateway Groups. The log file shows an alarm for latency and then cleared for latency.

    Why doesn't the routing switch back to the Tier 1 gateway?

    I've set that gateway group as the default gateway and am also sending traffic to it with a LAN firewall rule.

  • If I set the Tier 1 gateway as "Mark Gateway as Down" then turn that setting back off, that the routing will correct itself and switch back to the Tier 1 gateway.

  • FYI: I opened a bug on this. https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/9054

  • Hello, I have exactly the same issu.
    This causes a lot of problems in my network.
    Please help

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