Install pfSense in a Docker container?

  • Hi community,

    we already have some pfSense setups but would like to setup another one, which we would use as some kind of demo pfSense to test stuff, before we use it on the live ones.

    My current problem is, that pfSense requires two NICs to function properly and the machine I want to install it to, has only one NIC. My idea in this case was to use Docker, since I could setup virtual NICs for the pfSense setup. Now I am not sure if this actually works, to setup pfSense within Docker / Docker container.

    Did anyone try this at all or is there really no way to use Docker for this?

    I have got another machine which has VMware on it but since this machine also just has one NIC, I am unable to create a "fake" one for the pfSense setup. If someone knows any way to create a "fake" NIC in VMware I would use this as well instead of the Docker idea.

    I did search Google as well but did not really find anything which would fit my needs.

    I would be greatful for any information / assistance I can get on this subject.


  • There is a ton of guidance online about how to configure pfSense with a single NIC that doesn't have anything to do with Docker.

  • That sounds awesome, everything I found so far always involved two NICs. I will have a look at the link.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Yup just assign only the WAN. Be aware the the default allow rule will be applied there in the single interface case so services, the GUI etc will be open to that subnet. Also that if you assign another interface later, a VLAN say, that default rule will move to that as LAN so be sure to have added any allow rules you need or have some other connectivity.


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