XG-2758 Version: 2.3.4 upate question

  • Hi all,

    I am sure if I search I could find tid bits of information but if anyone can provide feedback directly it would be much appreciated.

    Our business uses the XG-2758, running on version: 2.3.4 I haven't updated in a while and am planning on updating to 2.4.0 in the near future.

    We use OpenVPN, Site2Site, but no special plugins/3rd party apps on Pfsense.

    Any big issues or things to be aware of jumping to 2.4.0 from 2.3.4?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    From the description that should be OK, though you can't jump to 2.4.0, you'll have to go to the most current release, 2.4.4.

    Be sure to read the upgrade guide thoroughly and follow its advise.

  • Makes sense, the web GUI had listed "Version 2.4.0 is available" so I assumed that was the latest and greatest version.

    I don't see a reason 2.4.4 would be an issue.

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