Using different dns server per lan port.

  • Not sure if this has been asked and sorry if it has. I have a built a pfsense router. It has a intel quad port nic. I want to setup a vlan so the smart devices are not on my main network. The one smart device needs to access google dns servers and On my main lan I have it set to opendns servers which the smart device does not like to use. Is there a way to use google in place of the opendns servers without adding them to the dns servers that are displayed on the system information. I want my main lan to use open dns and the smart devices vlan to use google dns. Is that possible?

    Thank you for your time


  • Why not just capture all DNS requests and forward them to pfSense transparently?

  • @KOM Thanks for the information. I will try it out and see what happens. I will be setting up vlans to separate things on my home network. I am getting a unifi wap and want to create the two networks using one access point. Currently I am using two wap to keep separate.

  • This is how I do it.

    Under System -> General Setup, put in your OpenDNS settings. It looks like you already have this part done.

    Then, after you create your VLANs, in the Services -> DHCP Server settings screens, you can specify up to 4 "different" DNS servers for all of your VLANs. So put Google's DNS servers in there.


  • @akuma1x Thank you for that. I will try that out soon. Have been busy with other things at the moment. I greatly appreciate what you have listed here.

  • @akuma1x Thanks for the information that did work. I got the vlan setup and the device is working great. Which I just removed the last extra wap device. I am running everything off of the unifi ap.

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