Are there any Issues with using Auto configuration Backup to switch disk hardware?

  • I have a working 2.4.4 pfsense router running on a Dell OptiPlex 7020. I am considering switching from the 500G hard disk it came with to an excess 120G SSD so that it will use less power.

    I have the Auto Config Backup running, so will I have an option during the install or just after to restore from the online backup? I will save a local config backup to my desktop just in case, but I have never used the Auto Config Backup.

    I had also used ZFS as my file system currently, but I am not sure that would be the best for an SSD, so was thinking to use the default file system. Would that be an issue trying to restore the backup or should I just stick with ZFS?

  • When you reinstall on the new disk, the system will generate new ssh keys. This will cause the new install to have a different device key for auto config backup. If you know the old device key and password you may restore configs from ACB onto the new installation.

    All is explained here:

  • Netgate Administrator

    You will want to use a local config backup if you know you're going to re-install.

    You can restore it during the install process which makes things a lot easier. No need to access the GUI at first to restore the config.


  • @stephenw10 ok, sounds like I will use the local process, since I don't have to go all of the way into the gui.

  • @stephenw10 Is ZFS still considered to be experimental in 2.4.4?

    I found this quote from a post 9 months ago.

    @jimp said in ZFS is production ready?:

    I would still consider it experimental on pfSense. We do not have any automated jobs setup for maintaining ZFS pools/volumes or any GUI controls for handling drive status/replacement.

    For most it will work fine without any issues, but there are cases where it needs work to improve its integration into pfSense

    I don't know much about ZFS and have been using it, only because an install video said to select it. Now that I have been reading the forums, I am wondering if I should switch during the SSD reinstall.

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    I have ZFS running on a number of systems and have not had any trouble with it.
    It's not the default install type in 2.4.4 and hence is less tested but I'm not aware of any problems with it.


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