Locked out from my box?

  • Last week I bought a used Gateprotect GPO-100 with latest pfsense installed, just for experimenting for now.

    I set up two dsl lines in eth0 and eth2 and local lan in eth1. Device was listening to and I just changed the IP to and set up dhcp server with correct IPs. I played around and everything was working well, since I decided to call it a day. Accidentally instead of normal shut down, I plugged it out from power.

    Next day I tried to connect, nothing was happening. No reply and no incoming traffic from the device to my local card. I tried to connect directly my pc to the device but nothing happened.

    Since the device is actually a mini pc with a linux distribution, I suppose pressing the factory-default button will not do any good.

    So how could I access it and see what is going on, or even 'reformat' it with pfsense? I suppose I need a console to USB/Serial cable?

    Thank you!

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, if it doesn't boot fully you will need to look at the console to see where it's failing and try to correct that. Or re-install.
    If you can see it's boot-looping, perhaps it beeps or the LEDs change when it reboots, it probably has filesystem damage and you can correct that using fsck from single user mode.


  • I was afraid that you would say that. Do I have to buy a console (ethernet) to usb cable or is there another way to use the console mode?

  • Netgate Administrator

    I have no idea what consoles are on that device but from your description it sounds like there is an RJ-45 serial console port. Note that is not Ethernet.
    It might have a VGA console too. Possible via an internal header. You would still need an adapter of some type for that.
    Do you have anything with a serial port? You could conceivably make a console cable using an old Ethernet patch directly.

    Buying a USB to serial adapter and an RJ-45 console cable is the correct way to do this though.

    You might be able to remove the boot drive and re-install it in something else depending on what it is and what you have available.


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