XG-7100: Possible to "move" configuration from ETH2 to IX1?

  • I am not a network professional, rather a newbie/amateur. I have setup XG-7100 in a manner that so far works flawlessly. ETH1 accesses WAN, ETH2 accesses my internal LAN. A few firewall rules and a DHCP server are set up. However, I now want to make the IX1 work EXACTLY like ETH2 is doing now, and leave ETH2 unconfigured. Shortly, I want to logically "move" everything that now is configured on ETH2 to IX1. Could anyone give me a simple step by step cookbook for how to achieve this?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Sure just go to Interfaces > Assignments and set the WAN port to ix1, save, apply. That's it.

    You could then do whatever you want with the switch/vlan/etc config of eth2 at that point since it wouldn't be your WAN any longer.

  • @jimp Wouldn't that assume IX1 is wired to my ISP WAN box? I want IX1 to be wired to my internal LAN (switch), not to the internet. My ETH1 is and should remain to be wired to my ISP WAN box.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yeah sorry, I got mixed up in your original description since you mentioned both. Still the same thing just pick whatever port you want to move.

  • Seems like that worked. Thanks so much!

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