IPSec VPN not passing traffic

  • Hi I have two pfSense on either side of the tunnel both running version 2.4.4

    I am able to bring up my tunnel but no traffic is passing.

    On both sides I have an IPsec rule allowing any any for the firewall.

    Here are my configs.

    Can anyone let me know what I may have missed?

    1_1540249953518_farSide.JPG 0_1540249953518_nearSide.JPG

  • I recently had a similar problem. I could ping across the tunnel, but most other traffic would fail after upgrading to 2.4.4. Disabling Asynchronous Cryptography in VPN > IPsec > Advanced seems to have corrected the problem for me. As far as I know, this setting is not available in older versions.

  • Thanks for the info.

    I just checked on both systems and this option was already disabled.

    Should I maybe enable it?

    Interestingly though:

    • pfSense A is having trouble with pfSense B's site to site tunnel
    • pfSense B is however able to establish 4 other siste to site tunnels successfully and communicate. THis 5th tunnel to pfSense A just refuses to work.

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