Packet loss - PPPoE WAN

  • Hi everyone,

    We have a problem of packet loss (50% ~ 70%) on our two WAN interfaces connected to ISP with PPPoE protocol.

    We are using the last version of Pfsense 2.4.4 in a VM on Microsoft HyperV 2016.

    WAN interface are two static IPv4 address with the same gateway. We try to change monitoring gateway IP same problem, disabling gateway monitoring but same issue and finally try with just one interface enable and same problem.


  • One more thing, we have to configure Vlan identification on the virtual NIC to making work the PPPoE with our ISP.

  • 2_1540300861995_Status_ Gateways.png 1_1540300861995_Diagnostics_ping_WAN2.png 0_1540300861994_Diagnostics_ping_WAN.png

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    Talk to your ISP(s), they may have issues at the moment.

  • It's not a one time problem. We are working on a project to change our firewall for Pfsense so everytime we try to connect with PPPoE for test the issue appear automatically after few seconds. All working good (web access, firewall rules, virtual IP, NAT, port forwarding, etc) but we always have the issue with packet loss.

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    To be honest, HyperV is crap. Try with ESXI or Proxmox. Also search the forums, especially for issues and advice on HyperV.

  • Unfortunately we only work on HyperV.

  • Update

    We tried to move the VM to lab HyperV and everything works perfectly on PPPoE, no latency no packet loss.

    The Lab and the Production servers have the same parameters (Windows Server 2016, Cluster HypeV, Vswitch, Teaming, etc) the only difference is in hardware, maybe with the NIC (Qlogic in production, Broadcom in the lab).

    Any suggestion ?

  • Hi everyone,

    The solution : replace "Dynamic" by "Hyper-V Port" protocol in the "Load balancing mode" of the Teaming properties.


    Everything work and no more packet loss !

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