Using Pound as a Load Balancer?

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone has successfully gotten Apsis Pound ( to work as the Load Balancer on pfSense 1.2?  I'm looking to use it, but am new to pfSense and pound, and wanted to get some feedback before I tried anything like that.

    If you did, were you able to find a binary pkg for FreeBSD, or did you have to recompile pound from source?  What pitfalls / problems did you run into?  Is it easy to setup / configure?  Has anyone troubled to make a Pound pkg for pfSense?

    Thanks for any info!


  • Maybe I'm missing something here but why use pound when load balancing is already built in to PfSense?

  • Sorry for the delay in responding.  Basically, the load balancer in pfSense is a layer 4 load balancer (it only works on IP).  Pound is a layer-7 LB that is able to understand the contents of the packets and able to decrypt https traffic prior to LB'ing.

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