Is it possible to rename the interfaces?

  • Apart from the interfaces "pretty names" which can be set in the GUI, is there a way (or is it recommended) to shuffle the actual interfaces names?

    Talking about opt1, opt2, opt3, etc..

    The reason as to do it? So that they are in the order I want in the Interfaces list? (which is not ordered by the pretty name but by the actual interface name).

    Thanks for your help and advices

  • Netgate Administrator

    Not in the GUI and no it would not be recommended.

    You could edit the config file and restore it but the potential for getting something wrong is.... high!


  • Thanks Steve.

    I think it wouldn't be a bad feature to have, or at least a way to order interfaces within the GUI, especially the monitoring parts; especially if one has many interfaces/Vlans.


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