NTP server / WAN IF down, sluggish connection

  • Not shure if this is the right place for my 2 questions... but here it is :

    1. When my WAN interface went down yesterday, my NTP didn't get the right time, which is obviously.... BUT...
      The Pfsense interface showed me that we were back somewhere in februari.... ??

    Why ? Why didn't it fallback on the latest known time? (I didn't reboot the unit yet at this time).

    1. At the same time, while my WAN was down, the whole interface of Pfsense was slow, it works, but not as snappy as when the WAN went up again.(Took some time to login also, first I thought the unit crashed..)

    Is this normal? And if yes, Why ?

    Thanks !

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    where exactly did you see this time? That was showing you feb date.

  • @johnpoz That was in the firewall-logs-overview at the frontpage.
    But I found it again also in the system-general logs :

    0_1540487963935_181025 screenshot FW time-disorder.PNG

    At this time everything is working like a charm as always.. but maybe I hit a bug (and as a vegetarian....;-( )

  • Check the time in your BIOS.

  • @chpalmer It's a SG-2220.... maybe your right, but how ? (via ssh.. ?)

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