Route a network to pfSense which available on a VM

  • Hi guys, I need help with my setup.
    My physical server has 2 VMs.
    #1)pfSense VM:
    WAN interface: public IP
    LAN interface:
    #2)Windows VM:
    NIC1: (LAN)
    NIC2: (dedicate server physical port)

    Server's physical port is connecting to a Cisco switch, and there are a couple more servers ( which are connecting to this same switch.

    I have troubling reaching from pfSense. Is there anyway I could route this IP block to pfSense?

    Thank you for any help.

    alt text

  • Well, since your lan interface is on there are two options.
    a. Enable routing on windows, and add a route on pfsense for via, or add an additional interface on pfsense, on lan
    Obviously the second is a far better option.

  • @netblues

    I followed your option #2, went to Virtual IPs and created on LAN interface.

    From my Windows VM, i can ping, however from pfSense I cannot ping

    Am I missing something?

  • @buomque1 I never said virtual ip. I said another interface on vm
    You can have multiple lan interfaces on pfsense (the main difference from wan interfaces is that there is no gateway defined.)

  • @netblues

    It works perfectly.

    Thanks a ton!!

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