PfSense ipsec to Zywall 35 - small howto needed, plz.

  • Hi, first post here. Have been running pfsense for some years now.

    I'm trying to make an IPSEC tunnel from pfSense to a Zywall 35, but I'm having some problems. Cannot get phase1 working.

    Tried with pfSense v.1.2.2 and the latest snapshot v.1.2.3, which I'm running now. Runs nice BTW.

    Did anyone from this forum, succesfully connect to a Zywall 35, and maybe have a small howto, with the "rules" needed?

    Zywall 35 quickie:
    AK: preshared key
    NM: aggressive - tried "main" too
    EA: 3des
    AA: sha1
    KG: dh2


    Cannot give more info right now, like logs etc, but I will later, if needed.

    Think that my pfSense rules are wrong. Need to start fresh.

    I really want to go the OpenVPN SSL route, but the customer runs Zywall, a shame really.

    Have to go.. I'm late.

    Thank you for your time.


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