Gateway "automatic" setting

  • So long story short.. My ISP had an outage they did not admit (found out the whole area was down but was told otherwise causing me to try and fix it locally..

    I rebuilt my WAN interface config yesterday morning and could never get my primary box back up. The test box works fine however and I was able to reach my primary remotely as they are both on the same ISP gateway. Incoming VPNs also worked fine if I recall right..

    Under- System/Routing/Gateways the setting "Default gateway IPv4" defaults to automatic. (At least it did to me here) Set to automatic my ISP gateway was unreachable from every LAN subnet that I have on this box here. (5 of them) DPinger showed the gateway as up.. but I could not reach anything outside of the WAN subnet. I had to change this to the next option WAN_DHCP before things went back to normal..

    I only have one WAN and IPv6 is not being used.. i.e. one gateway on the system... Bug?

  • Netgate Administrator

    There are a number of tickets that were opened against that feature in 2.4.4. I believe most have been resolved in 2.4.5 snapshots. If you have a setup known to hit an issue and can test 2.4.5 that would be great.


  • Thanks Stephen!

    Im leaving the primary where it is for now but I have an old Watchguard XCS box that I use as my test box and for right now our internet access till I switch things back tonight.

    I bet I can recreate it on this box later.

    My email server is now getting hammered as all the backed up emails coming in..

  • Netgate Administrator

    As I say if you can test that would be good. If it is not fixed for your case then we need to know to get a fix into the next patch release.