When choosing a private LAN address start here

  • What are the private LAN addresses you should choose from? http://lmgtfy.com/?q=rfc+private+ip+addresses

    What are the addresses you should not choose from? See line one and anything not there..

    Why? Lots of reasons. For one- the people that write software may intentionally write their software to only look to the router gateway for that public IP address you decided to use as your private LAN screwing up your whole day in troubleshooting.

    Why? standards were written for a reason. Please follow the standards.

    Why? DNS. If you (or any one else on your network) should want to access a page that is hosted on the networks whos IP you just squandered.. They are gonna have problems that are directly blamed on you!

    Why? Because you don't own that block of addresses and therefore should not use them.

    Yeah.. so what? Well many of us understand the standards and why they were written. If you come asking for help you might not get the response from the one person that knows why because that person might look and see that you don't follow certain standards and that they might be wasting their time by helping you because you already know it all.

    https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/RFC-1918 For further research look here.

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