Problem Installation pfSense in DELL poweredge R610 PERC H200i

  • Hello,
    I've tried for to install pfSense in my server DELL poweredge R610 PERC H200.
    I've booted pfsense in my server from a bootable key, the pfsense operating systems launches correctly. But the boot stop and this error message appears :

    mps0: Firmware:, Driver:
    mps0: Portenable NULL reply
    mps0: IOC Fault 0x4000265e, Resetting
    mps0: Reinitializing controller

    I did all updates in my server, BIOS... except the firmware of the PARC H200i, which does not update. Firmware version :

    Also I did a diagnostic of all components and I have this error message :
    SAS 0-003 Disk - Confidence Test
    Result Code: 4400-011B
    Msg: Block 52160833: Medium error (3-1100) - Unrecovered read error

    So I pulled off this disk thinking that the problem comes from here. But the result is same.

    If you have answers thanks for helping me.

  • @zorglub said in Problem Installation pfSense in DELL poweredge R610 PERC H200i:

    Perc does not appear to be supported. Best bet would be to install a Dell supported OS and run a virtualized pfSense. My R610 can easily run 20 pfSense VMs this way.

    The mps(4) driver supports the following hardware:
        LSI Logic SAS2004 (4 Port SAS)
        LSI Logic SAS2008 (8 Port SAS)
        LSI Logic SAS2108 (8 Port SAS)
        LSI Logic SAS2116 (16 Port SAS)
        LSI Logic SAS2208 (8 Port SAS)
        LSI Logic SAS2308 (8 Port SAS)
        LSI Logic SSS6200 Solid State Storage
        Intel Integrated RAID Module RMS25JB040
        Intel Integrated RAID Module RMS25JB080
        Intel Integrated RAID Module RMS25KB040
        Intel Integrated RAID Module RMS25KB080 

  • Netgate Administrator

    The mps driver didn't just randomly attach to it, the controller must be using one of the recognised PCI vender/device IDs.

    It might be an unsupported Dell firmware of course but I would be surprised.


  • @stephenw10

    Dell H200 PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0072 is a re-branded LSI Logic SAS2008 also PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0072. Dell H200 bios and firmware is not compatible with LSI Logic SAS2008.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your answers, I suspected it.
    I will think about an other solution.

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