Bond (not load-balance) ADSL and 4G with OpenVPN server

  • Hi All,

    I'd like to combine bandwidth of a single connection (especially the upload speed for data backup purposes to a single node) through 2 different connections (ADSL2+ and 4G modem from two different Internet providers).

    With PIA VPN currently on sale; I've been thinking to use them to simulate Speedify feature, which is to bond (not load-balance) two internet connections with PfSense.

    Something like this:

    • connection 1 (ADSL2+) <=> PfSense (openVPN client) <=> PIA server (OpenVPN server)
    • connection 2 (4G modem) <=> PfSense (openVPN client) <=> PIA server (OpenVPN server)

    Do you think this is achievable? OR PFSense can only do a round-robin load-balance?

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