Bond (not load-balance) ADSL and 4G with OpenVPN server

  • Hi All,

    I'd like to combine bandwidth of a single connection (especially the upload speed for data backup purposes to a single node) through 2 different connections (ADSL2+ and 4G modem from two different Internet providers).

    With PIA VPN currently on sale; I've been thinking to use them to simulate Speedify feature, which is to bond (not load-balance) two internet connections with PfSense.

    Something like this:

    • connection 1 (ADSL2+) <=> PfSense (openVPN client) <=> PIA server (OpenVPN server)
    • connection 2 (4G modem) <=> PfSense (openVPN client) <=> PIA server (OpenVPN server)

    Do you think this is achievable? OR PFSense can only do a round-robin load-balance?

  • Hello..

    You are trying to do what just what I would like to do.. Digging up an old post, just wondered if you ever got anywhere?


  • There are companies that provide this service. The only way Im aware of that pfsense will bond connections is via MLPPP. But it takes your ISP to be on board and handle the other end of the connection.

    Enter "connection bonding" in your favorite search engine..

  • @knobby unfortunately, I moved on to fixed wireless internet that gives me better internet speed and stability. Good luck with your findings.

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