Setting network home with open VPN

  • Hello Everyone ,
    I’m considering implementing pfsense in my home network , currently I have RT-AC87U with the basic setup.
    I have built pfsense on a box with Atom, CPU E3815 1.46GHz , 4G of RAM and 8G of CF card
    In my current network I have a couple of computers, phones and printer which are connected via wireless, and IPTV and PS4 (Let us call it IoT) via cable, and all run together on the same network
    My Goal
    1- Isolate IoT devices and the private Lan on two different network
    2- Implement OpenVPN with Redirect IPv4 Gateway option, so when I travel or in unsecure network I can connect to my home FW and redirect my traffic to my home ISP, I don’t want to reach any of my home network , I just need redirect my traffic only.
    My Plan
    1- Buy managed switch and create 3 VLANs one for the private network (wireless) , and one for IoT device and one as managment VLAN. And each one will have separate subnet.
    2- Convert Asus router as AP
    3- Deploy open VPN with PKI and allow redirect traffic only, No access to my internal network.
    4- Implement AV , snort and web-filter on Pfsense as I use AV and web-filter now on my Asus router.
    I’m not sure if that the optimal design for my network, and probably the redirect traffic on the VPN side will be tricky , so any suggestion or ideas will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

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