[SOLVED] Replacing ISP router whits pfSense

  • Dear, good morning/evening/nights!
    I appeal to your help and experience to know if it is possible with a single instance of pfSense to do the following:
    I have my pfSense 2.4 with two physical interfaces, LAN and WAN.
    On the LAN port I have 3 vlan interfaces, as I need 3 separate LAN subnets for different clients and services.
    On the WAN port I have 5 vlan interfaces to which I ingress 5 different internet links.

    The links that they give me have very varied configurations. I explain myself:
    Two of them give me a cablemodem and assign me a public IP by DHCP to the vlan wan interface of my pfSense where I have configured them. With these I have no problems.
    Another one gives me a router with a public IP that I assign to another one of my vlan wan. I don't have problems with this one either.
    Another one also gives me a router with 5 public IPs that I assign to my wan vlan. I don't have problems with this one either.
    But here comes my problem and the question that I don't know if it's possible or not to do the following:

    The last ISP gives me an internet link but without a router. It only gives me the configuration for me to configure mine.
    The configuration is as follows:

    LAN side: they give me a /29 with 6 public IP, 5 usable, the first is the default gateway.
    WAN side: give me a /30

    So the question I have is, that this link complicates everything. Well I have to replace the router that I don't get with another router
    (it is true that I could put someone else in his place, but if I could do it all with my pfSense would be even better)
    Some time ago @ptt told me an info that said to deactivate the "Automatic outbound NAT rule generation" and do the mappings for each wan manually.
    if I want to use these public IPs in my pfSense.
    I was able to manually map NAT outbound for my first 4 links without problems.
    But I don't know how I should configure this last link together with the others, and if it's possible to do it, or not...

    As far as I know, I'm wanting to use my pfSense for two different functions at once and it's not possible.
    But I draw on your experience to find out if there is a way to do it.
    I hope I have explained myself well. Any help or hint from now on I will thank you very much.

    Best regards


  • @_neok I decided to put a router to not touch so much my pfSense, since I have other links and that way I have the cleanest configuration.

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