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  • I currently have pfSense1.0rc1 running off of the LiveCD.  I was running beta 4, but the hard drive died.  I had saved my config to a different computer.  I would like to load that config to run off of until I get my "new" hardware (I'm "upgrading" from a hot, power-hungry athlon to a pentium II based system).  I have tried copying the config to a USB flash drive, and then loaded the config.  On the first reboot, it no longer recognized the drive.  On the second reboot, it loaded the config, but DHCP never started on the LAN interface.  On the third reboot, it again couldn't find the drive.  There is some sort of error when it doesn't recognize the drive, but it isn't on the screen long enough to capture it.  It's some sort of error involving reading the USB drive.

    First, does anyone have any ideas about what's going on?  Second, I've seen this asked before, but never answered…is it possible to actually insert into the ISO a working config and to stop it from running the startup script?  I semi-successfully bastardized the disc, and got it to boot with a config...kind of...but it still asked if I wanted to set up VLANs.

  • In case it asks for interface assignments you have a nic mismatch (for example the old system had xl0 and xl1 stored in the config but the new system has rl0 and rl1). Edit the config.xml to reflect the nics you have in your system and your "bastard version" should run I guess ;D

  • What you need to do here is format as msdos a usb keychain or floppy, or any removable device that freebsd will detect and then insert this device BEFORE allowing it to boot.  Then you should see an option in the console menu to transer your config.

    Go ahead and run this.    After the transfer and reboot visit Diagnostics -> Backup/Restore and upload your saved config.xml … At this point it will run off CD and the configuration will be stored on the msdos formatted removable device.

    Good luck!

  • As far as inserting the device before allowing it to boot goes, it never leaves the machine  ;)  The error is somewhere along the way when it's trying to configure the device itself, before it tries to read it.

    As far as copying the config to the CD goes, that seems to have been the problem.

  • Sounds like freebsd doesn't support that device?

    Does it appear in the FreeBSD 6.1 hardware compatibility guide?

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